A woman’s body A work of Art(Wouldn’t change a thing)

16 Oct

Without holding back on any morning when i open my eyes,take my first breath and put my feet down as i get out of my bed,honestly the first thing on my mind is a woman and i say it proudly hell yeah. The sensational feeling that goes with touching and feeling the skin of woman is an out of this world feeling you wouldn’t trade for anything at any one moment presented with the opportunity. Personally i feel the need to address the female creature as ‘woman’ because its very authoritative and to me exhibits the position of a woman as way up there on the human ladder, not that i’m  trying to sound or seem like a man that fancy’s a lot of domination or that kinky stuff of letting this beautiful creature take full control of every situation with me. But more of recognizing that when you have a woman of your own as a man surely you’ve got a good thing going for you unless your dense.

If perhaps in your life you’ve got the opportunity to properly assess the body of a naked woman without having an erection or any sexual arousal feeling in your mind, you will tend to realize a whole lot of art that a supreme being or mother nature took their time to mold this wonderful specimen. From the face,the eyes,the nose,the eye lashes,the luscious lips,cheek bones and that smile she puts on whenever she sees you the one who adorns her, its a feeling or excitement best described within your mind alone in that no one can see it,touch or feel it like you. Moving on to how her breasts are properly well put together on her chest sliding down to her waistline is clearly enough to knock a whole lot of sense in your head if as a the man you don’t possess an interesting limit.

I wouldn’t want to sound a pervert when i tell you that like it or not, every man out there or at least most men out there hugely desire to get with a particular woman with the intention of making both their genitals have an acquaintance hence creating or facilitating a connection that bonds the both of them for as long as they can both tolerate each other. I for one believe a woman’s vagina has the power to get a rebel leader or war monger to sit down with an existent state leader to engage in dialogue and end unrest between the both of them. This comes down to one thing in life which is, like it or not you can’t leave without a woman,even when you hang around your house you will suddenly feel the emptiness of the vicinity because a scent of a woman is lacking big time and a woman’s touch on their furniture or surrounding.womenDepending on your woman’s body type you will learn to appreciate her more and more when you get to lie next to her bed when she’s nude or critically observe her when she’s taking a bath. What i’m trying to get at is that, as a man stop wasting time encouraging your woman to be what she really isn’t by simply drawing a comparison between her and other women you desire, lust for or fancy. Take the time to make her feel beautiful,worthy by encouraging and complimenting her on how beautiful she is both on the inside and the outside and how she most of all lights up your world every time you glance at her. The logic behind all this is for you as a man to stop killing her spirit and make her feel less of a woman by getting your own paint brush thinking your trying to improve or fix her art that was blessed upon her by God or mother nature. That my friend isn’t healthy and you ought to check if your worth being called a man on every front.So every single time nature presents you with a good woman,find a way to utilize her and not tarnish her.Cheers


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