To live doesn’t mean you are alive!!!

22 Jun

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Every individual blogs for a different reason best known to them alone, i personally blog when it hits my conscience that i need to put a message out there to the world. Today i would like to explore and find out whether if you live it means you are alive. A lot of people in the world everyday often roam the streets with different agendas planned out for that particular day but at the same time never look forward to waking up alive the next morning in other words they are a walking corpse. I personally believe that you are only alive if your spirit is truly alive and happy henceforth having a life that truly means something on this earth.

The reason why i’m choosing to focus on existence, is because the rate at which so many people are quickly dying nowadays is so nerve wrecking in that the people you once knew evacuate this world because they couldn’t stand to live in it any day longer and their spirit was crashed. The million dollar question is how do you help someone with a broken chain put it together and restore their livelihood. First of all,you need to point out a reason for them why their existence is fundamental is and how they can impact positively the people around and them self.

I also believe in being there for them as much as you can until they can begin to feel alive again through comforting them when they are down, encouraging them constantly about hope for brighter days and influencing them to look at life as a wonderful feeling. In addition to that, i find that the society itself that we live in has to get back to the roots of communal love and less of individualism when it comes to grievances experienced with our counterparts so that one doesn’t have to feel like they are all alone in the struggle and carrying the whole world on their shoulders. Social media is good but then again we shouldn’t use as it an avenue to manage friendships we hold dear for example not reaching out to friends and family because you think the online platforms are there for all the time to connect with them virtually. If you found out on social media that you lost a friend two weeks ago on your social media timeline because you were too busy to check up on them and know their well being, then you would know that every minute with your people on this earth counts.

So as you take a moment to reflect on whether you are truly alive, look around as well and see if the person next to you is a potential walking corpse and do something about it so that we have a community of people living and most of all alive spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Cheers.


Januworry are you excited about it? No your not? I know i am about it…

7 Jan

I feel disgusted the whole time everywhere i pass or walk and different individuals are lamenting about their misery, brokenness and their poor choices at utilizing their December salary. If you’ve been working for sometime now say at least two years or more, by now you should have it in your thick skull that you need plan wisely and control your excessive expenditure. I hope every time you open your big or small mouth to ask for handouts or bail outs you are frustrating and inconveniencing the other party because you clearly are an adult who thinks backwards and has a goldfish memory.


Personally when i got to the month of December. i was pretty excited because for one i knew the end of year bonuses were going to be added onto my salary, i was going to receive a shopping voucher, i was receiving job allowances and on top of that my salary. Now take an illustration if say, i were like you the miserable frustrated soul lamenting about Januworry yet i had the whole time to plan for all the mentioned benefits, i would probably look at myself as a big fat joke. But safe to say i am better than that, i’m taking this opportunity to urge you to first of all, start thinking with your brain not your tummy and most of all your backside. Learn to live in the future and not the ‘now’ and that way you’ll save the world the huge burden of listening to poor choices talk.


Where’s Friday!!!! Man i really dislike Thursday!

17 Oct

I am very aware a week has seven days,but in most cases situation never work well with odd numbers surrounding that mix. Here’s now where i get with all this discomfort regarding Thursday as a whole day, immediately the weekend comes to its demise on Sunday evening. I look forward to the new work week to go out and show what i have to offer for the next three days starting from Monday,Tuesday and then Wednesday. Each of those days presents its own challenges,trials and as a man i must put in my level best to overcome them and emerge as a conqueror and a winner.

With that all said and done, by the time Wednesday comes to a conclusion, i’m so gassed up and fired up to get into the weekend mode and shake off all the stress and fatigue. Then reality check kicks in and suddenly i’m presented with a thought like “damn i still have another hectic day of the week” to maneuver through yet i could have just gotten from Wednesday straight on to Friday and had a time of my life. For some reason i don’t have much to say but i don’t feel that guy Thursday and i highly advocate for that him to be phased out.cheersfriday

A woman’s body A work of Art(Wouldn’t change a thing)

16 Oct

Without holding back on any morning when i open my eyes,take my first breath and put my feet down as i get out of my bed,honestly the first thing on my mind is a woman and i say it proudly hell yeah. The sensational feeling that goes with touching and feeling the skin of woman is an out of this world feeling you wouldn’t trade for anything at any one moment presented with the opportunity. Personally i feel the need to address the female creature as ‘woman’ because its very authoritative and to me exhibits the position of a woman as way up there on the human ladder, not that i’m  trying to sound or seem like a man that fancy’s a lot of domination or that kinky stuff of letting this beautiful creature take full control of every situation with me. But more of recognizing that when you have a woman of your own as a man surely you’ve got a good thing going for you unless your dense.

If perhaps in your life you’ve got the opportunity to properly assess the body of a naked woman without having an erection or any sexual arousal feeling in your mind, you will tend to realize a whole lot of art that a supreme being or mother nature took their time to mold this wonderful specimen. From the face,the eyes,the nose,the eye lashes,the luscious lips,cheek bones and that smile she puts on whenever she sees you the one who adorns her, its a feeling or excitement best described within your mind alone in that no one can see it,touch or feel it like you. Moving on to how her breasts are properly well put together on her chest sliding down to her waistline is clearly enough to knock a whole lot of sense in your head if as a the man you don’t possess an interesting limit.

I wouldn’t want to sound a pervert when i tell you that like it or not, every man out there or at least most men out there hugely desire to get with a particular woman with the intention of making both their genitals have an acquaintance hence creating or facilitating a connection that bonds the both of them for as long as they can both tolerate each other. I for one believe a woman’s vagina has the power to get a rebel leader or war monger to sit down with an existent state leader to engage in dialogue and end unrest between the both of them. This comes down to one thing in life which is, like it or not you can’t leave without a woman,even when you hang around your house you will suddenly feel the emptiness of the vicinity because a scent of a woman is lacking big time and a woman’s touch on their furniture or surrounding.womenDepending on your woman’s body type you will learn to appreciate her more and more when you get to lie next to her bed when she’s nude or critically observe her when she’s taking a bath. What i’m trying to get at is that, as a man stop wasting time encouraging your woman to be what she really isn’t by simply drawing a comparison between her and other women you desire, lust for or fancy. Take the time to make her feel beautiful,worthy by encouraging and complimenting her on how beautiful she is both on the inside and the outside and how she most of all lights up your world every time you glance at her. The logic behind all this is for you as a man to stop killing her spirit and make her feel less of a woman by getting your own paint brush thinking your trying to improve or fix her art that was blessed upon her by God or mother nature. That my friend isn’t healthy and you ought to check if your worth being called a man on every front.So every single time nature presents you with a good woman,find a way to utilize her and not tarnish her.Cheers

As a media personality never sleep with your fans! No!No!No!No!

15 Oct

Honestly lets face it, whose face wouldn’t light up when he or she is offered free pleasures of life such as free sex to reward the effort you make to the society as a whole. As radio,TV,columnists and bloggers we tend to collect a huge following along the way as we constantly embark on the journey of success and fame that has its good and bad sides to it something we either anticipate for or not. The people who look up to us or idolize us(fans) tend to relate with us in a way that is far beyond what the mind can actually contain or handle. They tend to develop a powerful or personal attachment to us because they feel we play a huge or certain level of influence in their lives or make a difference positively.

Boy oh Boy here’s now where the drama starts, every show out there or media platform has a fan or fans that constantly subscribe to that or  it whether the platform is captivating or sucks big time. It starts of with the fan developing a sudden interest in you regarding whether they’ve seen your appearance or not. The fan could embark on the journey of gathering enough information as they can about you their idol or inspiration for instance finding out your real name,age, hobbies and your general personal interests as a whole. Fortunate or unfortunate enough there’s search engines such as Google, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook the most notable ones where at least you the media practitioner is expected to be a part of so as to connect with your intended audience. Immediately after accessing you on at least these platforms, this particular fan can begin to connect with you on a certain level that is media personality-fan relationship. This relationship can go on for quite a long time when this fan can start stalking you for instance showing up unannounced at your work place to visit you, befriending you on your personal Facebook account with the intention of connecting with you on a personal level.

When you decide to go out of your way to connect with your fans on a personal level, you open up a huge can of worms because they will at one point feel like they know you too well and have the authority to speak on your behalf on various subjects regarding your personal life and media life. When a male or female fan wakes up one morning with a hot pursuit to develop a personal bond with you by suggesting you go out for drinks with them even on their own account or would like to come over to you place on a say a weekend to hang,now you know your in big big trouble. First of all some fans are ruthless and don’t take NO for an answer, therefore you’ve got to be smart enough to play on the mind of this determined fan. I won’t take out or dispute the fact that hey for my case as a guy i wouldn’t want to miss out on the piece of the action to hook up with say a gorgeous female fan but the end question is what next after shagging up with them. With no doubt during sex, one of the two parties takes serious attachment to the activity and in this case,it could be the fan.

When you decide to sleep with the fan in this case a female and you decide to break it off,my oh my hell will definitely break loose for you because she will bad mouth you to the fullest to all her friends who’ve been constantly following you as well hence slowly and steadily tarnishing your image. My advice to you is why should sleep with a couple of fans for pleasure yet you’ve got a long line of success following you and a whole lot going for you yet you can access the same sex out there by sleeping with people on a first meet basis who’ve got no clue about what you do as  a hobby or for a living. Reflect on that. cheers.

Why we often wake up to rubbish media programming daily!(Frustrating)

14 Oct

Okay Okay Okay i get it, at times consumers can be irrational decision makers and don’t make up their minds. But as active participants in show business we ought to take to responsibility to conduct more research and find out what programs can excite and have the audience glued to your media brand. As a media house you wake up in the morning probably without careful thought and you approve rubbish shows to get air time when there’s better programs that can fill up that or those particular slots.

The most frustrating thing is that these very media houses have production departments that are basically paid to come up or create radio or TV shows that are entertaining and most of all can attract sponsors, so that the company makes revenue to facilitate its existence and its daily operations. This production department recommends hopeless shows that either have no direction or a plain right pointless so to say. The most affected party in this arena is the consumer or the audience something these so called media practitioners are very oblivious to. These anxiously eager consumers wholeheartedly spare their valuable time to tune in only to have their eyes and ears succumb to painful programming. In addition presenters or personalities employed to execute these very shows end up butchering or murdering the intended motive of the show concept in so many ways. This could be by first of all giving off a terrible on air aura like sounding to plastic and very boring. To make matters worse, the whole idea of faking accents you like can’t be original and have a lot of pride in the country you were born and bred in is very unbecoming and a huge turn off believe me.

These particular media houses might take very little notice of the audience’s dissatisfaction or frustration reason being the executives in charge of handling such show failures have very little exposure when it comes to media relations, on air presentation and styles and maybe simply do not know what to do or respond to such matters. My first recommendation is ‘FIRE’ those incompetent staff and replace them with staff that do not possess myopic mindset and goals, in addition constantly do research regarding media in the first world and how its conducted and executed so that the air waves begin to possess a feeling of a breath of fresh air. When we continue to possess media practitioners with witty mindsets and can ‘Get with the program’ at any time, entertainment in the banana republic will have a positive revolutionary impact and in turn as a country we could actually have something huge or enormous to brag about and boast off. Cheers

Daily evolution of Radio

14 Oct

In professional radio, you are often taught to plan well in advance for the rest of your upcoming shows to maintain the pace and keep your listeners glued to your show.  As a radio practitioner, i have to come up with thirty five topics well in advance that will run on the different days in the upcoming month. It takes a lot of hard work and preparation because your topics have to sound relevant,captivating and interesting to the listeners ear. What is at times challenging is when you prepare well in advance in regards to your topics and better or more captivating issues at hand begin to trend on social media.

Now the flip side of all this is that  you will be forced to put aside all your thirty five topics and move with the times because the masses like to ‘get with the problem’ and be in the know. Not only will you adjust to this mode of evolving radio but you must develop the art of exploiting these ongoing trending topics and build a worthwhile radio show. You go through a lot to have your show content approved on air for instance you must submit your show plan detailing what you intend to deliver to your PD(Programs Director), who will go through your plan to assess if some of your subjects are worth airing, interesting, captivating and engaging with the listeners. Now that is one phase if you haven’t properly researched and organised your show prep or plan well enough,chances are you might not go on air and that can be quite frustrating.

Most of all as a radio practitioner make sure your always on top of your game, constantly challenge your thinking capacity and think outside the box. In addition make sure your show plan creates a huge engagement between you and your audience as in the long run you get to build a huge following with the general public. Radio continues to evolve every other day because all its activities happen in real time. So finally if you do decide to be practice radio broadcasting,prepare to evolve with this media arm. radio mic